26th Annual Higgins Lake Foundation Awareness Day is a hit!

The twenty-sixth annual Higgins Lake Foundation Awareness Day was celebrated August 1this year with a new format. A live auction featuring auctioneer Scott MacNamara was a big hit with attendees. The items offered were top notch including a package to Forest Dunes, a fall hay ride at Witt’s Barn, a Gates Au Sable Lodge fly fishing package, a dinner a month for one year at Fred’s of Roscommon, a one-week stay in a Florida Condo, Tiger and Lion tickets and other treasures that Scott “hawked” with wit and fun to the enthusiastic crowd. Donations and auctioned items were also received from Scott’s, Sergeant’s, Chemical Bank, Walsh Funeral Home, Fifth St. Market, Studio North, the CRAF Center, Lowell Karinen and Camp Westminster.

Attendees enjoyed the musical magic of Seth Kilbourn’s steel drum prior to the auction. Seth teaches music at the Roscommon High and Elementary school and shares his love of music by participating in jazz, rock and a steel drum band in the summer months. Seth continues to expand his music programs in the school.
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Vicki Springstead thanked the crowd for supporting this Fun Fund Raiser. Proceeds help support HLF projects like control and removal of the aggressive invasive weed – Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) with the diver assisted suction harvester (DASH) boat, funding swimmers itch reduction programs and studies, educational materials and the ongoing focus on boat wash use to prevent the entry of additional invasive species into Higgins Lake.

The winners of the $10,000 raffle prize money were: John Singerling, $3,000; Dorothy Pelton, $2,000; Nancy Bornstein, $1,000; Pioneer Hills Marine, $500; Jim Kirsch, $500; Jaylin Krell, $500; Darran Marks, $500; Tom Barber, $500; Marv Bolton, $500; Travis Boyd, $500; Ed Stern, $250; Brian and Kay Burke, $250; and Ron Acho $250.

Want to join the fun? Please mark Saturday August 6 on your calendar for next year’s annual Higgins lake Awareness Day!