Funding Provided for Higgins Lake Marine Patrol

The Higgins Lake Foundation was contacted last fall by a resident wishing to make a donation to help the Roscommon Sheriff’s Marine Patrol spend more coverage time on the lake. Reductions in State funding have impacted patrol hours allocated to the lake. A $10,000 check was presented to the Higgins Lake Foundation. The generous donor is a Higgins Lake resident who wishes to remain anonymous. HLF agreed to encourage additional donations by promoting efforts to reach a grant-match of $10,000. Vicki Springstead, Higgins Lake Foundation Chair, said, “Safety on the Lake is the number one priority for the Marine Patrol and all who enjoy Higgins Lake. Our donors also have concerns about speed levels and excessive boat noise. Donations to the grant-match fund resulted in reaching the goal. I was delighted to inform the donor that funds have been matched and it was time to let Sheriff Stern get the good news phone call!” The Higgins Lake Foundation board would like to thank the donor (you know who you are!) It was a special gift that will enable the Marine Patrol to provide additional safety and protection for boaters on Higgins Lake. We also thank HLF donors who made the $20,000 goal possible.