Legacy League

The Higgins Lake Foundation recently hosted a Legacy League reception to honor those who have named the HLF in their will or trust. Those who have been generous donors or supporters in other ways were included as well.

Vicki Springstead, Chair of the HLF, welcomed the attendees and thanked them for remembering the Foundation so that the many projects to preserve the lake can continue. She named some of the many things in which the Foundation has been involved, which include, three boat washes, removing Eurasian Water Millfoil, Annual Lake Saver Day for fourth grade students, and the Annual Awareness Day celebration.

Legacy giving is an opportunity for families to protect the lake by including the Higgins Lake Foundation in estate planning. Hank Junod, a Legacy Leader, was a guest speaker at the event. He told the group that his family has had a connection with Higgins Lake since the late 1800s. He mentioned that he has only missed two summers at the lake during his lifetime, and has been quoted to say, “It’s important for me to sustain this link to the past by investing in the future of the lake. All the things the Higgins Lake Foundation is doing to preserve the quality of the lake, I support. That’s why I’ve included the HLF in my estate plan.”

If you are interested in remembering the HLF in your estate plan, the Foundation will work with you and your advisor to create a charitable gift plan to suit your needs and benefit Higgins Lake. For more information, or to let the Foundation know that you have already included the HLF in your estate plan, please contact:

Higgins Lake Foundation
P.O. 753
Roscommon, MI48654-0753
Email: info@nullhigginslake-foundation.org
Website: www.higginslake-foundation.org