CLMP-Water Testing

Water Testing on Higgins Lake through the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program

Higgins Lake has participated in the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) since 1974. This statewide program tracks the water quality of Michigan inland lakes. Each year on multiple days, a number of trained volunteers visit the deepest holes in the north and south basins of the lake to measure water clarity, temperature, phosphorus, chlorophyll and dissolved oxygen levels and to take water samples. The samples are then processed and delivered to the DNR where the information is compiled.

Water testing
Laurie Smith, volunteer water tester.

The HLF would like to thank Rick Meeks for heading up this program (with a group of dedicated volunteers) over the last 10 years. HLF board member Dale Hartman has completed the CLMP training program and has worked alongside Rick to learn the ropes. This summer Dale will be taking the helm with the volunteer crew to continue Higgins Lake’s participation in the CLMP program.

For more information about the CLMP program and to see Annual Reports go to

Near Shore and Underground Water Testing

While the CLMP testing measures the water quality in the deepest parts of the lake, it does not measure changes in water quality near shore. The Higgins Lake Foundation has helped to fund a number of studies over the years to track changes in near shore and underground water quality. Michigan State University is currently completing such a study, and the results will be posted when they are available.

MSU team installing sampling tube.
MSU team installing sampling tube.