Higgins Lake Foundation Awareness Day Celebration

Raffle Tickets in Lieu of Higgins Lake Foundation Awareness Day Celebration

Not everything in the summer of 2020 has been canceled!

Due to….you know the rest!  The annual Higgins Lake Foundation Awareness Day Celebration at the MacMullan Center has been canceled but your chance to win cash prizes while supporting Higgins Lake Foundation projects is still on!

Raffle will take place August 1, 2020 in a social distancing format!!

$3,500 in CASH PRIZES

Grand prize: $1,000 | Three $500 prizes | Ten $100 prizes

How to Purchase

Call HLF office to order by credit card: (989) 275-9183

Write a check to Higgins Lake Foundation and mail to PO Box 753, Roscommon MI 48653. (Checks must be received in our office by July 31, 2020 to be eligible for raffle.)

Buy your ticket from a Board Member

Purchase your ticket online through PayPal using the form below:

HLF will email, text (if purchased from a Board Member) or mail you a copy of your ticket stub. All ticket stubs are placed in brown envelopes for the drawing. The official drawing is August 1, 2020. No more than 300 tickets will be sold.

2020 Higgins Lake Projects

Diver Assisted Suction Harvester Boat

Annual Aquatic Invasive Survey

Support for the Roscommon Sheriff Marine Patrol

Boat Wash – Support and Awareness

Water Testing Equipment (2020 water testing work is done by volunteer Brian Degnore)

Educational Programs